What We Don’t Say: Day 17

If you’re a Baptist it’s because Baptists fit your ministry or “style.” Same with any other denomination. If you’re a Catholic and you’re still reading this I salute you, but honestly it’s because it fits you. I know someone that’s a born again Christian that still practices Morman because it fits her. When you’re witnessing, understand religion is man made and capable of error, but it’s different for different people because while the Bible stays the same and without error it will apply differently to different people. You’re not out to make someone believe as you believe but to encourage people to believe in Christ in their own way. While you can encourage someone to go to your church with you, don’t be offended if they criticize the doctrine. This is a group effort but the fight is not with other people it’s within ourselves.


What We Don’t Say: Day 10

I’m sure theologians have written libraries about the different types of witnessing and given them names and descriptions and how-to’s. I am not a street preacher. My insides go cold at the thought of grabbing a microphone and yelling at the masses as they pass by. I have participated with one and held the flag looking for an opportunity to help someone with their luggage or something heavy and I had that opportunity. I find my ministry is different as all of our ministries are different. I would rather help a random stranger that I will never see again than plant the seed of the gospel without watching it grow. I witness to family, friends and coworkers and only if they’re receptive to it. Be prepared for rejection.  The Bible prepares us for tribulation including being outcast for our beliefs.  Know when to walk away, you are not going to “win” people over all the time and your best witness are your words and your actions.  God doesn’t need you to prove that He exists.