What We Don’t Say: Day 12

Never be afraid to say I don’t know. No matter what people tell you or ask you. Someone told me that if a preacher ever said “I don’t know” then he wasn’t worth listening too. For me, that’s someone looking for a precanned religion with a god in the box that pops out on Sunday just to make people feel good. There is no one on this earth as a human that knows everything and thank God for that. This allows us the free will to pursue and learn the truth. The beauty of God is that we don’t and could never in our lifetime fully comprehend everything about Him and yet He created us and gave us that gift of finding Him on our own.


What We Don’t Say: Day 11

Be honest with God. He’s an all powerful entity we can never comprehend in our entire lifetime. If you’re still hung up on something you haven’t turned over to Him and you’re mad at Him, let Him know about it. Praise God always, but know that this isn’t some djinn in a bottle you can summon up to get you out of a fix or give you everything when you want it. This is not some thing in your imagination that you created to cope with life. He is what He is and there is nothing you can do to change Him into what you want Him to be. And to understand love, you start by loving Him regardless of what He is unconditionally.

What We Don’t Say: Day 10

I’m sure theologians have written libraries about the different types of witnessing and given them names and descriptions and how-to’s. I am not a street preacher. My insides go cold at the thought of grabbing a microphone and yelling at the masses as they pass by. I have participated with one and held the flag looking for an opportunity to help someone with their luggage or something heavy and I had that opportunity. I find my ministry is different as all of our ministries are different. I would rather help a random stranger that I will never see again than plant the seed of the gospel without watching it grow. I witness to family, friends and coworkers and only if they’re receptive to it. Be prepared for rejection.  The Bible prepares us for tribulation including being outcast for our beliefs.  Know when to walk away, you are not going to “win” people over all the time and your best witness are your words and your actions.  God doesn’t need you to prove that He exists.

What We Don’t Say: Day 9

Your feelings are not the end all and be all of determining truth. Your feelings can be controlled and guided as you grow in faith. What used to make me angry is now being replaced by understanding and I continue to strive to turn that anger away until I can face anything with happiness and joy in the Lord. Joy in the Lord still means you can be sad. To me, joy is bittersweet in my own tribulations but it keeps me protected from despair. But being true to yourself does not mean “following your heart.” It’s knowing what God has in store for you.

Soapbox: Science

August 24, 2014
In response to watching “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Episode 2” as referred by a friend. 

Science is ever changing. We went from thinking the world was flat to nuclear physics in the span of several hundred years. It’s science’s function to change as we find more discoveries into how this world is made up. In fact it’s science’s promise to change and to rely solely on science as the answer to everything makes the person responsible to keep up with that science. So telling me I need to read Darwin’s journal is like telling me to read Sir Isaac Newton’s journal. It’s not relevant to me because we’ve come so far. But if I wanted to keep up with science, I would read the journals now published in the last five years because we are constantly finding new things.
I will read the Bible because to me, that’s not a book. It never changes and it’s already written on my heart. So I know what God wants from me and nothing can take that away. So comparing the Bible to a book to me is insulting lol. I do not worship the Bible as some worship idols, but I hold it to be the word of God in my heart. Consider if man were solely responsible for the Bible then it would never have come this far. It is a rock in the hurricane of thoughts, beliefs, lifestyles, science. It’s lasted 3,000 years without ever losing any of it’s meaning and in fact it’s grown in meaning as science is slowly catching up to it 🙂
If scientists found out how to make people live forever, would you do it?
When our founding fathers wrote the constitution did they turn around and publicly execute the people that followed it? If government is responsible for religion then why has government since the very beginning attacked it? When Christianity first started, the Romans publicly executed Christians in the arenas feeding them to lions. So why if Romans were the law of the land would they attack something they created? They didn’t create it.
You say evolution is fact and that the Bible has no concrete facts. My only criticism for you is that you don’t even read the science behind evolution and you’ve never read the Bible. At least that’s what you admitted to me. I will never consider a lie to be true especially when it’s been proven to be a lie over and over and then to sit there and read the lie again is irrelevant, I might as well be reading Dr. Seuss. Think for yourself hon, don’t let me or anyone else tell you what’s fact without looking into it thoroughly. Cause taking evolution as fact without researching the science for and against it is faith, and I know you choose not to have faith in anything. My challenge for you is to take everything you know to be fact and look up the opposition to it. I take the Bible as fact and the only thing that stands against it are proven to be lies. Don’t be deceived.

Read this: http://www.newgeology.us/presentation32.html

First mistake, claiming evolution as a scientific fact.

Second mistake, claiming no one knows how life begins.

Compounded by the statement that science isn’t afraid of being wrong and is usually wrong therefore discrediting the entire series of any “facts” that they present.

Christianity isn’t about proving that God exists. If we did that then there would be no need for faith and all free will would be gone. There will be a time when everyone knows God, it’s just that now is not that time.

Also nihilism is something to be aware of. Not looking for yourself to know what’s true and going based on what other people tell you. I’m all for science. I know science is going to be wrong and we will find science that is right. This one episode talked about different eras of extinction and said that evolution couldn’t save life from these disasters by working slow. But yet it also shows a life form that went through all of it and can live in any situation. How come that life has the proper genetics to survive everything and yet not all life is like that? Why would the environment let life die out instead of turning into those ugly things that can survive anything? I know where death came from, do you?

How does this disprove Adam and Eve? Science can’t even agree how the dinosaurs died out or how the earth was formed, so how can I find any truth in science? You say the Bible is ambiguous, but know that humans have a desire for fact and absolutes, but yet the Bible as you say has no concrete proof of anything yet you refuse to read it for yourself to find out. You rely on other people to tell you what’s in it. I say the Bible has concrete proof in it but we’re too busy in science trying to disprove the Bible and remain ignorant of what it says. I say that the Bible is the only absolute truth in this world. I challenge you to find anything else that promises anything. Man is afraid of making promises but yet the entire Bible is a promise. I have closed my mind to this knowing that nothing can take away from that promise. Why would you close your mind to something you haven’t read for yourself? I know why and I don’t hold it against you.

I see artificial selection. There’s no doubt in my mind humans can create and change their environment. But that’s what humans were created for. Just having creativity comes from the Creator who made us in His image.
Also religion doesn’t corner the market in corruption. Science itself has been corrupted by it’s own “artificial selection”. When legitimate scientists ask for funding for their research there’s a chance they will be overturned for another that will promise results contrary to reason. Look up the huge debate over global warming for example. The media feeds on it and the issue is so political that funding will go to a scientist that will claim to prove global warming rather than to one that can easily disprove global warming and publishing is biased in that way. Evolving the science we are taught in our schools about facts to be

What We Don’t Say: Day 6

There are limited opportunities for people to accept the gospel. This isn’t something that people can put off until later as later is not guaranteed. At the same time, I can’t stress this enough. YOU are not going to save anybody. Not a single person ever in your lifetime. GOD is the one that saves someone and they have to make that decision on their own. It doesn’t matter if you beat them over the head with a Bible to repeat your sinner’s prayer just so you would go away, it’s not up to you to tell anyone if they’re saved or not. You are only responsible for sharing your testimony and the gospel and answer any questions you can. You won’t even know your entire life if something that you said turned that light switch on unless you’re lucky and they tell you.