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I didn’t go into this blog to make it personal to me in any way but I’m finding that the current topic “What We Don’t Say” gets into my personal beliefs so I use myself more than I wanted to.  So this opens up an option I didn’t think of before that can make this better for others like me that don’t want to post their ideologies in a public forum.

While the posts are scheduled to hit daily until the topic is expired, I can offer all of the posts beforehand.  This has some pros and cons.  The plus is that you don’t have to wait until the next day to read the post, the downside is that the original list won’t exactly be the same as the post.  I am constantly adding more to the post when I make it so the list is kind of an outline.

I am still open for feedback, public or private as this is exercise for me and I only wish it benefits the reader as much as myself to challenge each other to see different perspectives.

You may contact me at dustoffmyfeet at any time and expect a quick and thorough response to any feedback or requests.


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