Put On Your Big Boy Panties, America

It’s been my experience that the people that have their heads in the clouds in their fantasies and dreams are the ones that won’t accept God as a reality because they don’t perceive Him. They seek escapism through TV, games, or even drugs or alcohol. Anything they can to alter their reality and keep themselves in a cloud. Even going online and posting their stance on a subject irrelevant to their immediate reality is a form of escapism. Using their own perceived wisdom and opinion as if they found a jewel inside their head.

Now it’s caught up to the world. The world wasn’t always this way. It used to be rational and about finding facts regardless of “politically correct” or feelings. It protected people from being lynched and from mob thinking. After all it was mob thinking that crucified Christ and released Barabbas. It was our rationality that kept the mob away with their pitchforks screaming burn the witch. Now we have the mobs screaming burn the pigs. This is disgusting.

It’s the mob thinking that powers Planned Parenthood, LGBT and BLM. It’s the mob thinking that pulls us out of reality and off the cliff and we’re falling. We’re falling hard.

It’s this mob thinking that brought about Hitler and the USSR because we don’t want to take care of ourselves and we want someone else to do it for us and to have someone to blame for not making it happen. If you stand against mob thinking the mob will run over you and if you’re not grounded in the Bible you will be swept away with it. Now even if you say you’re grounded in the Bible, so many times churches can be taken up in mob thinking and people that are Christians that don’t want to “offend” people and say “Hey I’m with ya” running after the mob and leaving God behind. Then wonder why God doesn’t speak to them.

So Christianity. Accepting Christ as God in the flesh, killed on the cross, raised from the grave, unlocked the keys to Hell so that for the first time in man’s short history that Heaven may be an option, asking us for our love and acceptance of EVERY promise ever made in the Bible since Genesis all the way to Revelation, and reigns in Heaven even now that Satan reigns on Earth, is in fact accepting reality. Making reality the focus in this life so that we can change it one person at a time (or many if you’re blessed to have the calling to preach) through testimony, action and prayer. Understanding that Christ died on that cross to save you, you that hadn’t been born yet was already known and the crucifixion was so that you could be included.

People don’t understand on the individual level just how important they are. How much they are loved even with other people failing them. People can fail you, churches can fail you, governments can fail you, Christ will NEVER fail you because He already won you. You only fail yourself by rejecting that.

Too much to consider? You’d rather find escapism in a religion that promises less than that? I have yet to find one promise in another religion or deity that there’s a way to anything remotely like Heaven without the self being “good” enough.

If you were good enough on your own to work your way into any Heaven then Christ never should have had to die on that cross. He was blameless and without sin and He did it for you. Not because Christ failed but because humanity failed. Humanity fails to this day and Christ understands that. He loves you regardless of that. He never expects you to do it on your own.

So leave the mob, the fantasies, the addictions in the back seat and put Christ before everything in your life and seek Him and He will show He’s already been there for every step you took and will take.

We are different as a nation being united by having our differences instead of conforming to one mob.  As a bundle of sticks we cannot be easily broken.  But if you were to take away the sticks and have one ball of dust, then we would float away and be destroyed and broken down.  And that’s what our enemies want.  So instead of blaming stuff you have no control over take control of your own life and accept Christ and He will show you.

No I don’t see the logic in accepting the wrong as right and right as wrong. I don’t see the choice in the mandatory and the mandatory as optional. And I don’t see getting offended when one chooses to celebrate life and hates death. Unity at all costs leads to tyranny and accepting differences in others applies to all differences. Even the difference of not accepting differences. We’ve forgotten our own standards for the sake of feelings. Emotions are there as a tool. Not a priority nor a guiding light. Suck it up America and put on your big boy panties.


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