Soapbox: No Excuses

August 1, 2014 Post Modernism and Nihilism
Responding to the sentiment that the church is irrelevant.

You mentioned churches today don’t carry any weight. While this is true there are churches that do. Consider that the majority of people that call themselves Christian think they are by going to church. The big super churches in my opinion for the majority have put their buildings before God. They want to grow only so they can keep up with their debt in their building funds. Great for evangelism but it dies with getting the gospel across without watering the crop. So you have people that think they’re okay hearing the same message over and over again and spiritually they’re babies. Then you have that and the Internet. Not satisfied with their mega church, again different for everyone but only talking majority, they look online and see different hot topics that shake them in their faith. They get upset over something that’s happening and they start doubting God and not understanding that their faith isn’t based on what they do, but rather what God does for us, they give up. Maybe an atheist challenged them on something they weren’t ready to answer and they crumbled. They can’t blame the church though. Being a Christian is having the desire to know more about the Bible and what God wants us to do. A good church will offer studies to expand on something the sermon can’t cover. Not everyone has that desire and they starve themselves. If heaven had a caste system these Christians would be poverty to homeless. Only above the deathbed confessionals. You want to be rich now, I’d be more worried about what you’ll be for an eternity. But that’s postmodern thinking, go to God and He’ll make you rich, don’t think, just do, try to be happy and make everyone happy, don’t offend people over anything, forgiveness is condoning what’s wrong and letting people do what’s wrong because it makes them happy. Churches started preaching this mess because it’s what people want to hear.

Nihilism. Common core is teaching a poor math standard that doesn’t allow for the correct answer to be given, may include teaching the Gettysburg Address without teaching the Civil War, or that socialism is a good idea. Take that plus the Internet and you will have a generation of idiots that have no understanding of anything and won’t know that they’re wrong because that’s what they’ve been taught since childhood. I can see parents losing their children to the state more frequently for sneezing.

But without God guiding us with discernment, no one would stand up to this because no one would know what truth was. So yes me saying that Satan is out to deceive people is not an evasion because I can tell you what tactics he uses to be effective. Find a plan of salvation in any religion where the deity died for us to be saved other than Christianity. Cults that have spun off of Christianity have even taken salvation out in exchange for works. Catholicism says you have to go to mass and you have to do this and that but says you’re not allowed to have a personal relationship with Christ which is what Salvation is. I don’t worship a man or an icon, I worship Christ directly and He hears me.


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